Building Practice Value

Why Work with 8150 Advisors?

Experience, strategy, and people make 8150 the premier team to help owners increase practice value.  Our team has 100+ years of collective experience as past owners and leaders in the PT industry. We operate as partners. We roll up our sleeves and work alongside you to help you make the best decisions for your practice.


What We Do

We help owners build practice value by strategically growing revenue and EBITDA. Value is more than finances alone. Practice value increases by becoming a better employer, elevating the quality of care provided, and expanding your community impact.


How We Do It

We use a results-driven approach combined with industry knowledge to create personalized solutions for your practice.

  • Practice Assessment

    We evaluate your current status so that we understand your starting point and can help you develop reasonable goals. Just like patient care, the evaluation is key to ensuring successful outcomes.

  • Action Driven Strategic Planning

    Strategic planning by itself will fail without accountability and a proper plan to facilitate and execute  that plan. Our clients identify our Strategic Planning process as one of the most significant driving forces behind staff and company alignment.

  • Leading Change Management

    Aligning owner expectations through meaningful job descriptions, performance reviews, incentive plans, and staff coaching strategies is one example of how we assist owners in leading successful change across the organization.

  • Team Leadership Development

    Top-tier practices emerge from unified, well-developed teams. Whether your team needs training for clinic directors, goal execution, enhancement of leadership skills, identifying new leaders, or hands-on help reaching a specific goal, we provide customized leadership development to meet your needs.

  • Provider Dashboards and Financial Reporting.

    Most EMR’s fall short in providing data in a usable format. To help engage staff, we have created industry-specific provider dashboards to provide key metrics in an engaging format.


Why We Do It

We are passionate about the future of private practice. We thrive on helping others succeed through intentional service and excellence. We believe private practices create excellent opportunities to increase personal and professional value for owners, their teams, and the communities they serve.