This Compliance Program Guide is designed for outpatient physical and occupational therapy private practices to assist them in developing a Compliance Program that is customized to their business.  This guide is provided in a Word Document format that you will utilize to customize your own Compliance Program.  This Guide will help you develop a program that is consistent with the Seven Elements of Compliance referenced in the HCCA – Office of the Inspector General’s Compliance Program Effectiveness Resource Guide Tool.

This Guide was originally authored by Nancy Beckley, CHC and has been used by Nancy Beckley and Associates clients for many years. Nancy is a well-known compliance consultant in the rehabilitation space. Robbie Leonard, PT, DPT, CHC is proud to continue the Nancy Beckley and Associates Legacy with the continued offering of this newly updated Guide.

This guide must be customized by the purchaser and then processes put in place to ensure that the Guide is being followed.  The Compliance Program Guide does NOT include a full Policy and Procedure Manual.  That may be purchased separately or purchased as a bundle.

Once you have downloaded and customized your guide and ensured that your processes are in order, make sure that you are providing this guide to all employees and educating them on all of the elements.

This Guide is being sold under a Single Use License Agreement. Please read the license agreement carefully. By downloading this product, you are agreeing to the terms of this license agreement. The license granted in this AGREEMENT is only for the personal use of an individual healthcare provider or consumer. License agreements for all other professionals, consultants and organizations must be arranged through Robbie Leonard, PT, DPT, CHC.

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