Selling Your Practice

Our Team

Steve, Robbie, and Rachel work as an extension of your team to provide comprehensive and personalized guidance through all aspects of the sales process. Our team ensures your success culminates with optimal deal terms and a partner that provides the best cultural and strategic fit for your company.


What We Do

We guide all phases of the transaction including preparation, marketing, buyer meetings, and negotiations. By guiding a comprehensive sales process, we ensure owners are able to compare multiple offers against one another. We have relations with dozens of potential buyers to ensure clients find the right deal with the right partner. Our M&A clients generally have $2 million to $50 million in revenue.


Why We Do It

As past private practice owners and executives within the PT Industry, we are passionate about helping other owners reap rewards for years of hard work and sacrifice. Our passion is helping others achieve their best, and our extensive experience ensures owners optimize value when the time is right.


Our Sales Process

We consistently help owners find the right partner and get the right deal simply because we have a world class team executing on a proven strategy. We personally walk each owner through the entire process one step at a time.

  • Comprehensive Practice Assessment
  • Define & Clarify Owner Goals
  • Review Prospective Buyers
  • Ensure Proper Preparation
  • Creation of a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)
  • Marketing & Distribution of CIM
  • Prospective Partner Meetings
  • LOI Negotiations
  • Due Diligence
  • Closing