Darcy Armstrong

M&A Client / South Aiken Physical Therapy

I can’t imagine going through one of the biggest decisions of my life without Steve, Robbie and Rachel on my team.  They are true professionals and experts who gave me the tools and unbiased advice and put me in front of the the right audience to help me find the best partner for my team and me.  They carried a lot of the burden, held my hand through the intimidating procedures, were easily accessible and we even had some fun along the way.  No doubt, the best in the business.

Laura Schindler

Consulting Client / Advanced Physical Therapy Solutions

Partnering with 8150 Advisors was hands down one of the best decisions I have made in my career as a practice owner. Within one year, the team at 8150 helped my business partner and I create an exit strategy for the majority owner while improving leadership stability with the addition of a minority partner, create a Practice Liaison position from within, minimize labor costs and reduce front office redundancies, improve visits and revenue per new patient, engage staff with transparent understanding of key performance indicators, and improve profit margin from 5% to 16%.

Darrin Yee & Melissa Walls 

M&A Client / Envision Physical Therapy

Steve and the team at 8150 Advisors are the best in the business. They walked us through the process of selling our business, coached us through prospective partner meetings, and set expectations for each step. The team even provided coaching for us in the next part of our journey. 8150 Advisors has extensive experience and knowledge and can open doors that no other brokers can. Even after the acquisition, Steve continues to follow us. It is truly a relationship and not just a business transaction for 8150 Advisors. We could not be happier.

Brent Bednar

Consulting Client / Lincoln Orthopedic Physical Therapy

8150 Advisors is a trusted resource for our company.  They have helped address specific barriers to growth in our company as well as creating awareness of best business practices.  The entire 8150 staff are great people that care about the health of our company and staff.  When changes are needed, they are with you all the way helping to bring strategy, data, and effective communication.  Having 8150 on our team has been an essential key to a more healthly and profitable organization.    

Debra and Ted Layne

M&A Client / North Boulder PT and Layne PT

We had 5 busy clinics, a great reputation, and declining profits. Steve helped us increase productivity and profits. We successfully implemented data driven reports and steadily improved the value of our practice. After we were approached by buyers who were a great cultural fit, Steve role in negotiating the practice value and keeping the process moving was invaluable. Working with Steve and 8150 Advisors was one of our smartest business decisions.

Jeff Woodrich

Consulting Client / Buffalo Rehab Group Physical Therapy

Taking your practice from a vision to an executable plan requires multiple skill sets, financial and compliance knowledge, and loads of experience. The 8150 team brings all of this to you with a common thread of purposeful teaching and coaching so you learn the “how” and “why” behind it so those difficult decisions you had last month now are handled efficiently with reasoned surety. This team will not only bring your vision to its best reality but even more importantly they are elevating our profession as whole with the confidence of independence practices.

Luke Buffum

Consulting Client / Trinity Wellness Center

The 8150 team has provided essential tools and support to transform our practice. They have a wealth of expertise that can assist the practice from staff training on compliance and charge capture to weekly clinic dashboards and budgets. They have come alongside me and re-energized us as a team. I only wish that I had begun working with them early in our practice. Our business is better than it has ever been in 18 years of business and we are consistently seeing rewards from our labor.

Kathy Blair

Consulting Client / Wind City Physical Therapy

Over the past 2 years, we have worked with 8150 Advisors in many areas. Sharing their knowledge in clinic development helped us open a new office in another state. During a clinic acquisition we were able to learn how to accurately value a clinic, how to make our current clinics more profitable, and make our clinics more appealing to a potential buyer. Our leaders are stronger and more focused with the guidance we have received. This has allowed us to increase our profitability even during COVID.

Aaron Williams

Consulting Client / OSR Physical Therapy

Steve and the team at 8150 Advisors have been a huge resource for us over the past 2 years. They took us through a comprehensive consulting process from evaluation of our current scene, to developing a plan to help us improve in all major areas of marketing and patient acquisition, billing and collections, and overall operations. We went through a strategic planning phase, then developed programs and action steps that ultimately helped to create a more profitable and solid business platform. We are close to doubling our profit margin since working with 8150 Advisors. I would highly recommend them to any owner who is looking to take their practice to the next level!